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When 70% of consumers won't purchase from a website they don't trust, and new regulations cause legal and financial risk, can your company afford gaps in your data privacy?

PrivacyGrader has helped thousands of websites like:

The Ketch PrivacyGrader analyzes your website's collection and use of personal data. The assessment focuses on the four elements of your privacy posture:

Compliance with law
Consumer privacy experience
Privacy as part of your brand promise to your customers
Impact privacy has on your business

How PrivacyGrader Works

Every PrivacyGrade includes free, simple-to-implement instructions that enable you to improve your site’s privacy performance and experience, while simultaneously reducing noncompliance risk. Your score is entirely confidential; it will not be used for any other purpose without your explicit permission.

Notice & Choice

Are you offering consumers enough notice and choice in areas of personal data collection such as cookies and data sales?


Are your required privacy disclosures (including legal bases and customer's rights) up to snuff?

Transparency & Trust

Is your current privacy instruction functional and effective?

As part of Patreon's global expansion, PrivacyGrader by Ketch helped us identify improved data governance in order to effectively execute our marketing and sales strategy.

We thought we had privacy handled. PrivacyGrader showed us what was broken on our site and we could immediately address the issue.

Your Site and Data is Safe with Us

The old adage goes, if the product is free, you are the product. Rest assured we do not and will not sell any data about you — that’s true no matter how broad a definition of “sell” might apply. Your score is entirely confidential, except that we may analyze the data only for our internal purpose or to derive anonymous statistics from the data.

Why is PrivacyGrader Free?

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PrivacyGrader's mission is to equip businesses with the power of data, while ensuring trust and control over it at every stage and in every use case. We believe that data privacy is a fundamental human right, and companies deserve to understand how their decisions affect those rights.

Former Microsoft and Salesforce executives with over 50 years of entrepreneur experience building big, global data businesses have come together to achieve this goal. Learn more by checking out our parent company, Ketch E.